NakedSword Pays Tribute to Christian Wilde With Film Fest

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword is celebrating porn superstar Christian Wilde all month long with all of his best movies now playing in one place.

Wilde was the first ever NakedSword exclusive that was signed to NakedSword Original's when launched four years ago.

Wilde called NakedSword home for two years and in that time did some of the best work of his career with the studio. His starring vehicle, “Wilde Road,” earned Wilde a Best Actor award at the Grabby Awards for his role.

In addition to the many films he starred in for NakedSword, Wilde has a wide body of work from many of the top studios in the business. During the film festival all of his best movies and scenes are highlighted from several studios — not just his NakedSword Originals' films.

Tim Valenti, president of NakedSword says of Wilde, "We have so many great NakedSword Original movies with Wilde in them and a ton more from other studios like Falcon, Kink, Raging Stallion, Next Door, Hot House, etc.”

“So we decided to put them all out in one place and highlight one of the best performers in the business,” he said. “When you see his all of his movies together side by side you see just what an amazing charismatic performer Christopher Wilde really is. Fans are going to enjoy seeing some of his best work in one place for the first time."

"Wilde is hands down one the best performers out there,” NakedSword Originals' Director mr. Pam says. “He is the poster boy for what an all-American porn star should be. He's charming and full of swagger and he can go from zero to hard in thirty seconds flat.

“He's one of the best tops in the business and his dick is just perfect. Shooting Wilde for the two years he was an exclusive with NakedSword was a pleasure and we made some really great films together.”