Jessy Dubai Talks Career, Star Showcase

LOS ANGELES — Adult performer Jessy Dubai told XBIZ she regards what she does for a living as an art form.

“We dream about it,” Dubai said. “We fantasize about it. The fact that I’m living in that world and not just fantasizing about it but experiencing it, I’m happy. I think it’s awesome.

“I get along with everyone. So far I haven’t heard anyone complain about me and I try to do the best I can do.”

Indeed, most of the Latina star’s industry experience has gone as she anticipated, but there have been a few welcome surprises.

“I think my impression is this was exactly what I thought it was — a lot of parties, a lot of events, a lot of alcohol. But at the same time I found out something I didn’t know, which is how close performers get to be,” Dubai explained.

“Now that I’m in the industry, I realize before I do a scene with any performer that they get to know me and we build this connection and friendship at the moment. You get paid to have sex but now I think there is more to it. There is actually friendship and trust behind it.”

It’s that comfort level with what she does that placed Dubai on the fast track since she made her debut on Kink’s in the Fall of 2013. Less than 20 scenes later, the former makeup artist and burlesque dancer from Denver won the Transgender Erotica Award for Best Hardcore Performer, Best Scene and Bob’s T-girl Model of the Year honors at the seventh annual TEAs in February, cementing her arrival in porn’s upper echelon of talent.

“Just to be nominated next to Foxxy and next to Venus [Lux], I was like, ‘holy shit,’ Dubai said. “I couldn’t believe it when I woke up knowing they gave me the awards.

“I really thought somebody else was going to win.”

Her humility has endeared her to fans and producers alike as she’s made the rounds performing for studios such as Devil’s Film, Evil Angel,, Deviant Entertainment, Franks Tworld, She Male Strokers, She Male Yum, Trans500, and Third World Media.

“People knew about me before I even started performing but it’s very shocking to me to move up so quick,” admitted Dubai, who started camming when she was 18. “I’m not complaining.”

She added, “All the performers made me a great package and I learned from them. Thanks to them I realized I was a strong person. Being in this industry gave me more confidence than I had before.”

Dubai’s confident screen presence more than caught the attention of producer/director Nica Noelle, who is poised to release a showcase called “Jessy Dubai TS Superstar” later this month through her still blossoming TransSensual studio. The movie will mark her second big project for Noelle, who featured Dubai in TransSensual’s debut title “My Dad’s TS Girlfriend.”

“Shooting for Nica Noelle is more than what I thought for porn,” Dubai said. “She makes everything look real. She wants to see that connection. Other companies want me to show the angles and show the penetration. She wants to make sure the audience sees what the performers are going through. A lot of times she channels the emotions you are going through. Instead of using them against you, she embraces you.

“After the acting and once the sex begins, everything just becomes improvisation and you let the feelings flow, let the connections flow.”

In the showcase, Noelle follows Dubai’s encounters with four different men, Brock Avery, Eli Hunter, Connor Maguire, and gay star Nick Capra in his first encounter with a TS woman.

Noelle told XBIZ earlier this year Dubai reminded her of Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara.

“She sort of just oozes sexuality,” Noelle said. “She’s very self-actualized, very naturally sexy. She has this earthy quality to her where she really doesn’t care if her makeup is smudged or her hair is out of place. She very much has that real sex-goddess vibe to her.”

The director added, “She was very intriguing and I just wanted to see more of her. … I personally wanted to get to know her better and put her with different people and go deeper with her.”

Dubai said this showcase was “a dream come true.”

“I was not expecting it. It came faster than I thought but the fact that Nica chose me as her muse and the fact that she calls me ‘the goddess of porn,’ I love that woman. She’s one of my mentors,” Dubai said.

“If I ever make it really big, I will have to say she is one my mentors because of that movie. That movie was long days and long hours, but I feel it made me strong. I know once I see the product, it will be amazing."

Speaking of making it big, Dubai is using her spare time to take college classes in Denver, where she is studying business management. The enterprising star also just launched her new membership site,, where she’ll do a webcam show every month as well as a paid show with another performer.

Ultimately, she intends to shoot exclusive content only for her site “unless it’s something special.”

“I’ll still do photo shoots for other websites, but not hardcore,” Dubai said.

Dubai said she was born in Mexico and came to the U.S. with her father 11 years ago.

“And I’ve been here ever since. I’ve traveled across the country, but I still find Colorado to be home,” she said.

Her future involves giving back to the business and the trans community.

“I see myself building my website. I see myself helping other girls with their websites, with their photo shoots, with their videos, everything they need to know about how to be a porn star,” Dubai said. “With that said, I am planning to get out of the industry [in front of the camera] because youth and beauty are not forever and I want to start doing stuff behind the scenes. I want to start producing and directing. I want to start writing soon.”

She also wants to start either a group or a magazine in Denver for transsexuals. 

“With this Caitlyn Jenner situation there’s so many transsexuals who are like 30, 40, 50 years old and now they know they can change, they can be who they want to be,” Dubai said. “There are thousands of t-girls out there. I want to be an activist.

“When I went through my transition nobody told me, ‘you have to do this or you have to do that.’ Or how much money it would take, what doctors to go see. I want to help girls with those resources.”

Dubai continued, “In my personal life, I want a family. I want to be a mother one of these days. But for that I need to have my career settled down. … I’ll always be proud of who I am and I’ll always be proud of what I did.”