CrakRevenue Acquires

Rhett Pardon

QUEBEC CITY, Canada — Cost-per-acquisition network CrakRevenue today said it has acquired and its ad platform.

Plugz, a related content ad platform that allows companies to buy, sell and trade plug traffic, will soon be offered by CrakRevenue, a Quebec City-based CPA platform that provides web traffic monetization for adult markets.

CrakRevenue and Plugz are forecasting a fall 2015 launch of their first collective products.

Among its offerings, Plugz markets a WordPress plugin, customizable widgets and an automatic plug generator, among others.

“We’re beyond excited to begin working with this awesome platform,” says Jason, CrakRevenue’s vice president of marketing. “We’ve discussed the possibilities of what we could achieve together and we believe this project to be incredibly promising.”

For now, the related content distribution system will be entering a closed beta stage. During the phase, a select number of CrakRevenue partners will be chosen to test it.