Rocks-Off Products Featured in New U.K. Charity Online Shop

Bob Johnson

LONDON — U.K. sexual health charity Family Planning Association (FPA) celebrated its 85th birthday by launching an online sex toy shop featuring Rocks-Off products in a bid to introduce pleasure to a wider audience.

The online store, FPA Pleasure, was officially launched at a party hosted by Dr. Dawn Harper, best known for her U.K. hit series “Embarrassing Bodies,” “Embarrassing Bodies: Live From The Clinic” and the new “Born Naughty?”

The Rocks-Off team was in attendance with an array of products, teaching about sex toys in a light and fun atmosphere.

The company said that with a proportion of the shop’s profits allocated to FPA’s work around the U.K., customers will have the added benefit of knowing they are contributing to the charity’s vision of good sexual health for everyone.

Rocks-Off director Gary Elliott noted that the company was proud to be associated with the project. “This move by FPA to bring an open and educational resource to the online community is to be congratulated.

“It is just further testament to FPA’s ground-breaking work since their inception 85 years ago and Rocks-Off is delighted to be part of this. Undoubtedly views and opinions are changing in terms of where people want to be able to buy their sexual wellness products from and there can be no better environment to do this then via FPA, whose mantra is to inform, educate and support people to make safe lifestyle choices throughout their lives.”

Harper added, “Enjoying sex is an important aspect of human pleasure and can be key to a person’s overall well being. There’s no reason it should be a source of embarrassment or shame. It is great that FPA is using its long tradition of providing trusted and evidence-based health information to help open up conversations around sex which are still considered taboo.”

FPA CEO Natika H Halil said, “We want everyone in the U.K. to feel able to open up about what they like, what they’d like to try, and be more confident and comfortable in communicating with partners. This will in turn improve people’s overall feelings of well being.”