Grand Slam Media Unveils Adnium, Its New Fully Programmatic Ad Network

TORONTO — Grand Slam Media today announced that it has officially launched Adnium, its new fully functional state-of-the art ad network that brings major technological advances to the marketplace for publishers and advertisers.

“Adnium is the first ad network in adult to offer CPMv ad tracking to ensure your creatives are actually being seen by viewers instead of just loading out of view, and it comes to market with a full real API that allows easy integration into virtually any network you want to include,” said Luke Hazlewood of Grand Slam Media.

“We have used pretty much every ad network in mainstream and adult at one point or another, and each has something to offer, but Adnium represents the absolute best available functionality in an interface that simplifies everything and that generates the highest ROI for advertisers while earning the best payouts for publishers by improving efficiency in ways every business owner will be very pleased to see.”

As with all new ad networks, one primary point of interest is the data security of the platform. That’s why Grand Slam invested heavily in protecting all clients with two-factor authentication right from the start.

“Security is something we take very seriously at Grand Slam, and was developed with it at the forefront of our minds,” Luke said. “One thing we wanted was to ensure our client's accounts and data are kept as safe as possible.

“Two-factor authentication is quickly gaining popularity as the best way to protect against password breaches. To that end, we have partnered with Duo, the market leader in two-factor authentication and we're proud to say that is the first adult ad network to integrate two-factor as a major step toward complete account security.”

Chris Coupland of Adnium said the company is excited to be the first adult ad network to offer a fully programmatic ad buying solution.

“Our new API goes way beyond mere statistical data, allowing complete access to the Adnium platform,” Coupland said. “You can add, edit, create, start or stop any campaign and export all of the relevant stats right from the easy to use API. It’s all part of getting our clients the info you need faster, easier and with the ability to act on trends in ways that haven’t been possible until now.”

To get started with Adnium and learn more about its new tools, visit