Announces ‘Double Your Earnings Challenge’

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — is offering to pay ecommerce operators double their earnings for three months if they switch to the platform and don’t see an increase in earnings by 100 percent or more.

Companies are not required to sign a contract and can go back to their old system at anytime with no additional fees, the company says. offers a fully responsive design that allows the site to render flawlessly on any screen size. The new platform also provides customization tools that allow partners to launch their own unique marketing strategies and track results with Google's upgraded Universal Analytics and Tag Manager. Some of the tools offered include the ability to put the site under the user’s domain, edit or completely replace the homepage, create custom pages and link those from the navigation, promote or hide selected items or categories, create coupons, edit the look and feel of the entire site, and more.

With the platform, companies can focus on branding, marketing, traffic, and sales while CNV Inc. handles the transactions, shipping, IT systems and 24/7 customer service.  Partners can earn 20 percent commission from sales without investing in inventory, distribution systems and call centers. provides allows ecommerce operators to sell more than 60,000 unique adult products in categories including sex toys, lingerie, health and beauty, and more.  CNV manages thousands of websites including Literotica, VS Media, and Ashley Madison. They also have tools to allow brick and mortar store owners and home party operators to use the platform.

Partners that qualify for the challenge will have the opportunity to discuss their e-commerce strategy with the CNV team. 

"The reason we can guarantee to double profits is not just because of the increased conversions from a more modern e-commerce platform, our real secret is that we will help companies update their e-commerce strategy,” owner "Sex Toy Dave" Levine said. “Almost everyone selling online is waking up to the fact that what worked three years ago, no longer works." Inc. President and owner "Sex Toy Dave" Levine has been a leader in the adult product B2B space for 20 years.  Although Levine is best known for owning, the majority of his business has come from helping companies develop and execute their e-commerce strategy in the adult product space through its white label affiliate program and the wholesale drop-ship site,

For more information or to sign up for free, go to and/or click here.