Bonnie Rotten in New Interview, Leads Porn’s Tattoo Boom

VENICE, Calif. — Sometimes credit is given where credit is due, and a new article is giving Bonnie Rotten a lot of credit — and they aren’t alone in offering their accolades.

“There are a handful of current performers in porn that I attribute with popularizing the tatted look, making it more ‘mainstream’ and accepted in the adult arena,” writes Sam Phillips. “Celebrities like Bonnie Rotten are the girls currently winning the highest achievements in porn.”

Starlet Payton Sin Claire agrees, saying, “Bonnie Rotten is one of the best performers out there and is heavily tattooed, but she would still be a beast regardless if she did or didn’t have tattoos.”

Veteran performer Nadia Styles says that she saw the change toward an acceptance of tattooed performers begin to happen in 2005, although the breakthrough moment came later.

“That’s when the women in porn that were well established and known had tattoos,” Styles said. “They didn’t have a lot, but they had a few that made them happy about their looks. But it’s not until these days that I feel it is much more accepted because of Joanna Angel and Bonnie Rotten.”

“People with tattoos are just really cool,” said Juelz Ventura. “People want to watch us. I can’t pretend girls like Bonnie Rotten and Christy Mack didn’t make a huge difference also. They kinda stepped in with all their tats, demanded attention, and opened their own genre for the extreme.”

One of the industry’s alt/tattooed pioneers, Joanna Angel, says Bonnie stepped everything ahead.

“When Bonnie Rotten came into the scene, I think she took it to another level,” Angel said. “I carved out my own hole in the industry where I could comfortably exist without worrying about whether other companies wanted to hire me or not. I also gave other weirdoes like me a home where they could feel sexy. However, I think Bonnie got the big studios to come around and realize that tattoos do not take away from sex appeal.”

Bonnie says she has “almost 40” tattoos but no plans for any major work in the near future.

“I think that tattoos add something else that is very interesting, and unique to someone’s look, especially if they are a hot porn star!” Bonnie said. “In the beginning I was told I would never shoot for the big companies, that I had no chance, and that people didn’t know what to do with me. But in 2012, I started shooting with New Sensations, and they did two showcases of me.”

“That pretty much opened the floodgates for everyone to shoot me,” Bonnie adds. “I shot probably 200 scenes in two years.”

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