Pink & White Relaunches

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO — Pink & White Productions has relaunched its queer porn website,

The operators said the new membership site offers intimate videos of queer and trans couples.

Prior to the launch, the company ran an extensive member survey, gathering user feedback for site improvements such as reconfigured membership levels, new payment structures (including PayPal integration via Epoch), easier navigation, and implementing ideas such as favorites playlists.

“What really stood out from customers' feedback was this: People use our site in entirely different ways than before. Part of that is technology — people carry into their bedrooms on their tablet, or to a partner's place on their phone. So we completely overhauled the site to make that easier to do,” web manager Chris Lowrance said.

He added, “But another part of what changed was our own growth. We're closing in on 200 episodes, and people wanted easier ways of finding what they wanted to watch and remember episodes they wanted to see again. With a personal favorites list, live search and filter tools, and more ways for us to spotlight past episodes and performers, I think we've made it easier to find everything the site has to offer.”

Riding on the popularity of her 2005 film, “The Crash Pad,” director Shine Louise Houston launched in 2007, seeking to create an independent production model for her company. The site currently displays a trailer for "Episode 194" and is Pink & White's most successful ongoing project.

“Creating this business is the best long-term, interactive, multimedia piece of artwork that I’ve ever made,” Houston said. “The actual running of the business has been my best piece of art that I’ve ever made in my life. It’s still about the product. It’s still about the art. But the business itself is such a big piece, and it’s a piece that has its own life. I find that I’m just trying to keep up with it.”