CB-X Releases 2 Instructional Videos for The Curve

LAS VEGAS — Chastity device brand CB-X has released two new demonstration videos as part of its ongoing instructional video series.

Both of the new videos demonstrate how to properly put together The Curve, a chastity device designed for a large, flaccid penis.

"As with our previous videos, we've produced two types for The Curve, an adult version showing the device on a man's penis as well as a work-safe, PG-13 version," said Nikki Yates, corporate director for A.L. Enterprises, the manufacturers of the CB-X brand. "HD videos are hosted on social media and can be embedded on anyone's blog or website easily. We are also hosting mobile friendly versions of all the videos on our own website, CB-X.com."

A work-safe version of The Curve's assembly instructions can be found on CB-X's official YouTube channel, while the adult version with instructions shown on a man's penis can be found on Vimeo. The larger format videos are also web friendly. Retailers or distributors can request full 1080p HD resolution videos from CB-X, for playback on a TV screen in stores or during training.

"We had wrapped production on our video series in February after finishing filming for The Curve videos, but due to the popularity of these demonstrations, we've decided to make more," Yates said. "We have begun production on videos for our CB-3000 and Pink CB-3000 as well as an adult version of our Designer Series, which will include the forthcoming CB-6000 Gold, set to be released this summer."

To request full resolution HD videos for any CB-X Male Chastity device, email Boots Bryant PR at contact@bootsbryant.com.