PIMPROLL Launches Flagship 4K Paysite, WANKZ.com

TORONTO — The era of adult paysites is far from over, as PIMPROLL announces the launch of its new 4K flagship site, WANKZ.com.

This latest product from the parent of porn tube powerhouse PORN.com, illustrates how the company is staying ahead of the curve, developing innovative products and adapting to changes in consumer habits.

According to PIMPROLL VP Phil B., years ago, consumers primarily focused on membership paysites, and with more than 300 active paysites in its portfolio, PIMPROLL was at the forefront of that profitable era, which many observers predicted would end with the ascension of tube sites. PIMPROLL adapted to this new market reality by launching tube-oriented products such as PaidPerView.com, HostedTube.com and a network of newly configured freemium sites.

The market is evolving again, however, and in response, the company has launched WANKZ.com, as a state-of-the-art 4K flagship paysite, underpinning its entire network of exclusive membership sites, in a premium market that Phil categorizes as “rapidly growing once again.”

“There is clearly a major resurgence in consumer confidence, and we are seeing a sharp rise in the number of consumers interested in paying for top quality adult entertainment,” Phil explains. “The WANKZ.com brand provides a premium user experience with many modern improvements over the kind of tube content available elsewhere for free — and fans are already demonstrating a very strong willingness to sign up.”

Phil notes that adult content has always been a product with a short shelf life, quickly going stale as fashions and personal tastes change. Further obviating older content titles are the new technological innovations that drive consumers toward newer, better ways to enjoy their favorite niches or models — with the boost in quality provided by the 4K resolution revolution being a key element of this consumer trend toward paid memberships — and WANKZ.com positioned at the forefront of the 4K adult market.

“WANKZ.com utilizes a freemium style transparent tour that lets prospective customers get a good feel for what exactly is inside, with premium versions of all the new exclusive videos available for members at an eye-popping 4K 60FPS resolution that definitely drives conversions” Phil explained. “Our new exclusive 4K scenes are added every three days along a rotating schedule from each of the premium sites included in the network — providing a great deal of interest in the WANKZ.com brand — which is further supplemented by 65,000+ videos along with more than 3,000 exclusive scenes that can easily be viewed or downloaded by members.”

WANKZ.com leverages the existing value of its network by also including PaidPerView.com channels that boost the amount of content that fans can enjoy, while increasing the revenue paid to content partners on a per-view basis. Meanwhile the WANKZ TV section features exclusive films and parody titles that are being created and released on a monthly schedule.

The new site is also fully mobile-friendly and boasts a multilingual interface, powerful playlist tools, UI/UX enhancements and high quality photo sets. The end result is that WANKZ.com is helping to drive renewed interest in premium memberships and paid porn subscriptions.

“WANKZ.com is an important sign of the new paradigm in porn,” Phil says. “[It is] a market that PIMPROLL helped to build a generation ago, and one that the company is now actively working to usher in again for a whole new wave of customers that each demand the very best from their favorite adult entertainment provider.”

For more information, visit WANKZ.com.