Standard Innovation Says Courts Will Expose LELO Patent Weaknesses

OTTAWA, Ontario — Following a decision to reject the challenge to the validity of LELO’s patent by the United States Patent Office, Standard Innovation says it remains confident that evidence to be presented in other courts will expose weaknesses in LELO’s purchased patent.

“While the recent USPTO decision did not find the claims of LELO’s patent invalid, the decision was based on a ‘publication’ technicality, and did not consider the full arsenal of challenges available in other courts,” Standard Innovation said in a statement. “Further, the [Inter Partes Review] proceeding is not concluded since the written decision remains subject to review. Upon the eventual trial on the merits, which is not expected until 2016, Standard Innovation will be afforded the opportunity to dispel LELO’s accusations.”

On April 2, 2013, Standard Innovation was named in a U.S. civil action, filed by LELO Inc., alleging that a component of the We-Vibe 3 charging mechanism infringes on a LELO-owned U.S. patent.

According to Standard Innovation, LELO did not invent the charging mechanism technology, nor does it use it in its products — it purchased the patent (No. 7,749,178), allegedly covering the technology, from a third party. 

“Standard Innovation is strongly of the view that the allegations lack merit and are highly questionable,” the company said. “Given the crowded intellectual property landscape for inductive charging products, and the configuration of the We-Vibe 3, the company believes that LELO’s claims are baseless.” 

Standard Innovation said it invites its distribution and retail partners to contact them at with any concerns or questions.

“The company stands behind its innovative We-Vibe product line and our dedicated partners.”