ExoClick Expands Developer Platform With New API

BARCELONA, Spain — ExoClick today announced that it has opened up its platform to developers, clients and partners with the launch of version 1.0 of its new API [Application Program Interface].

This version allows advertisers and publishers to fetch all of their statistics that are currently available in the Admin Panel.

ExoClick said dvertisers can pull statistics for browser, carrier, category, country, date, device, hour, language, operating system, site and variation. Advertisers can also pause and resume campaigns.

Publishers can pull statistics for browser, carrier, category, country, date, device, hour, operating system, site, sub-id and zone.

Additionally there is a 'Collections' category that allows clients to pull groups of statistics covering browsers, carriers, categories, countries, devices, languages and operating systems.

Developers are invited to incorporate the API and code into their own software to develop applications such as their own bespoke analytical software, plug-ins or the creation of Clients for different programming languages. ExoClick has developed a PHP Client to expedite integration of the API which can be downloaded here.

The company noted that the APIs interface is friendly and fast to use. Users set the parameters and press the “Try It Out” button to automatically generate code. There is also a comprehensive user manual that additionally contains examples of PHP code for various functions that can be quickly copied to ensure fast workflow.

“ExoClick has decided to open up its platform to developers and clients in a strategic move to position ourselves as the most data rich ad network in the industry. As part of our growth within the tech landscape, the launch of our API is a key driver to enriching the ExoClick ecosystem and to help partners and third parties drive their businesses forward with the creation of their own software applications,” CEO Benjamin Fonzé said.

He added, “We have always been a very transparent network and now even more so, by giving our clients and partners all the tools that they need to integrate with and build upon our platform, we are confident that this will create added value for everyone."

Version 2.0 of the API, which will be released in the coming weeks, will give clients the opportunity to implement programmatic advertising and automate tasks for total programmatic control over their campaigns.

A dedicated developers page that contains links to the API and its documentation can be accessed here.