Desperate Pleasures to Launch 'Write Your Own Fantasy' Contest

LOS ANGELES — Desperate Pleasures, the fetish studio distributed by Pure Play Media, has announced a “Write Your Own Fantasy” Contest.

The studio is calling on fans to bring their subversive fantasies to text for, asking participants to conjure up their best taboo tales and submit for a chance win the prize of seeing their story come to life in the form of a fetish film.

Desperate Pleasures and founder JW Ties remarked, “The erotica we make speaks to a need in the market driven by the dirty imaginations of the fans — where else could we get these ideas? The 'Write Your Own Fantasy' story contest is pregnant with the potential to give fans the opportunity to see their sickest pregnancy fantasy come to life. We’re just delivering the goods the fans want!”

With contest submission running from May 1-24 and voting from May 24-31, the contest submission guidelines are as follows:

  1. Your story must be an original story written for the contest that has never been posted on any other site before and it can not be reposted until after the contest is over.
  2. By entering your story into this contest, you affirm that JWTies, Desperate Pleasures and have full rights to adapt your original story into an adult video if it wins the contest.
  3. Your story must include family members, up to 2 daughters, 1 mom, 1 son, 1 dad/uncle and 1 Grandpa if needed.
  4. Your story must contain a creampie and a pregnancy or pregnancy risk in some form and may contain
  5. Your story can not require any special props, makeup, scenery or special effects that aren’t readily available in the average home or an adult video set.
  6. Your story must comply with the “Terms of Service” of The 
  7. Your story must have no extreme violence, minors, snuff, scat, excretion of any bodily waste, intoxication, drugs, weapons, crushing, fisting, mutilation, full-limb-binding BDSM, necrophilia or rape.
  8. Your story can not depict members of the forum in your sexual stories without their consent. 

Writers may submit their stories at the forum. A winner will be announced June 1st.

For questions about material, contact an administrator or site moderator of