Documentary on Debuts on Netflix

SAN FRANCISCO — “Kink,” an independent documentary about BDSM studio, has debuted on Netflix.

The film goes deep into the Kink’s legendary castle — the former San Francisco Armory — and talks with stars, directors, producers and founder Peter Acworth about the films they make, as well as the artistic side of BDSM.

The film screened at Sundance in 2013 to rave reviews, and premiered in theaters last summer.

While the film had a limited theatrical run, the Netflix deal is the first time that many fans will have immediate access to the film.

Directed by Christina Voros and produced by actor/director James Franco, “Kink” offers and unexpurgated look at the world’s largest producer of BDSM and fetish entertainment.

The documentary team was given access to the facilities, including sets, casting sessions, business meetings, and other internal workings at the company. The result is a frank look a world often misunderstood by those outside the Armory walls.

“’s mission statement is “to demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities,” Acworth wrote in an op-ed explaining his his rational in letting a film crew go behind-the-scenes at Kink.

“And in service of that mission, we have always taken a certain pride in the way we do business. We have an open-door policy and have never shied away from scrutiny; we host public tours of our Armory daily, conduct sexual education workshops and provide community forums.

“Generally speaking, when people see us as a company and community first hand, any fear or misconception is resolved, and they leave with a better understanding of what we are about and what motivates us.”