Hot Mess Releases 'Selma: The Untold Story'

LOS ANGELES — Coming off the success of its best-selling DVD ever, "12 Inches A Slave," Hot Mess Entertainment has released "Selma: The Untold Story," featuring five interracial scenes the studio hopes will "bring us all together in sex."

Howard Levine, Exile Distribution chief and head of sales for Hot Mess, remarked, "We do well with interracial, and Hot Mess has a clever way of putting a pseudo-political spin on the subject. We hope to not offend, but if we can pick up a hundred pieces doing so, what's the harm?"

While "Selma: The Untold Story" doesn't actually have an MLK-based storyline, the studio said the film does boast some of the top Black stars around, and their white partners seem to definitely enjoy the riper berry.

"No matter the genre, Hot Mess scenes are always hotter than hell... and I may be going to hell for selling this one," Levine quipped.

Hot Mess’ clever packaging declares, "How interracial sex made us all overcome." And Levine's clearly hoping he's overcome with orders.

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