LTASEX Offers Directory of Sex-Positive Professionals

YPSILANTI, Mich. — LTASEX has announced its launch of the “Sex-Positive Professionals of Color Directory.”

“Where are the sex-positive professionals of color?”

“Why don’t any of them look like me?”

According to Jerome Stuart Nichols, creator of the sexual wellness blog, these are questions that many people of color ask themselves when looking at the field of sex experts.

“Though it may seem obvious, the answer isn’t that there is a lack of sex-positive experts of color,” Nichols says. “Instead, what is missing is community support.”

To address this situation, Nichols has opened the Sex-Positive Professionals of Color Directory, in hopes of increasing diversity and visibility for people of color in the sex-positive industries, by creating an open database of people and organizations doing this work around the world.

“When everyday people aren’t exposed to the talent and faces of people like them in the sex-positive community, it’s hard for them to connect or want to be a part of it,” Nichols explains. “Compounding on the great work done by organizations like WOCSHN and ABSC, the Sex+ Pros of Color Dir. is tasked with bringing awareness to more voices, perspectives and knowledge bases.”

With a viewpoint of “sex positivity” being the idea that sexuality (whatever that means to each person) is good, natural and normal, Nichols notes that in a culture that is plagued with shame about sexuality, sex-positive professionals are hard at work advocating for our sexuality — one session, blog, podcast, conference and sleepless night at a time.

“People need someone they can relate to. I want everyone to find the support they need,” Nichols said. “Whether it’s a poly-friendly soccer coach, trans-friendly doctor, disability-friendly dating coach or queer-friendly deli, knowing that you are understood, safe and respected can be the difference between getting help and feeling helpless forever.”

The Sex-Positive Professionals of Color Directory is open to anyone, and serves as a resource for people looking for help; media looking for experts; businesses looking to hire; and anyone else in need.

“Having a diverse network of professionals to answer questions and gather resources means a more fulfilling experience accessing sex education, and getting advice or answers that are meaningful to you,” Nichols concludes.

Professionals can submit to the directory by filling out an online form.

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