PinkLabel.TV Premieres 'Sexing the Transman 4'

SAN FRANCISCO — Pink & White Productions has announced the premiere of "Sexing the Transman XXX Vol. 4," an ongoing explicit documentary directed, produced, and filmed by Buck Angel. It focuses on the education and celebration of transmasculine sexuality.

Pink & White said that Angel, a motivational speaker, LGBT advocate and producer, has created an innovative educational documentary that has broken through the barriers of censorship to be shown at film festivals worldwide.

"The Sexing the Transman XXX" series is the complimentary piece to Angel's original mainstream documentary, "Sexing the Transman," in which Angel elicits intimate, in-depth conversations with trans men and those who love them — about how their bodies, sexualities, and identities are affected by the medical and social processes of gender transition.

The XXX series takes the documentary's original message above and beyond, with uncensored, graphic excerpts showing the men playing and proudly exhibiting their FTM sexuality, interwoven with personal dialogue between them and the filmmaker.

"Sexing the Transman XXX Vol. 4" showcases five trans men who share their own personal transition process from female to male and discuss how this has had an impact on their sexuality.

Angel said about the project, “I am so excited to show this level of diversity in trans men and their sexualities. I am very proud of these films and feel honored to be able to share these guys' stories along with some very sexy and hot erotic scenes. It has been such an inspiration for me to do this. These beautiful trans men let us into a part of their lives that is very rarely seen. I have been sent hundreds of emails from people after they have watched the series telling me how it has helped them with their self esteem and how they feel so much more comfortable having sex."

"Sexing the Trans Man XXX Vol. 4" is exclusively available on