TrafficHaus Adds 3 New Publishers to Portfolio

Rhett Pardon

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus today said it has added three new high-traffic sites to its network of publishers, offering clients first choices on ad zones on, and

The sites boast a combined count of more than 37.5 million monthly, with impressive type-in and search traffic from key geos, TrafficHaus Sales Director Jake Gonz said.

TrafficHaus’s newest advertising opportunities include desktop and mobile spots with permalinks, headers and footers and next to video ads.

“ImageEarn and Smutty are killer performers with 76.9 percent type-in and search traffic and a geo make-up that rivals the best of the best, with U.S., U.K., DE, IT and CA making roughly 60 percent of the traffic,” he said. “Porn XS boasts 40 percent type-in traffic with 10 million monthly users, featuring next to video ads starting at .11 and footer cubes at under .01CPM — less than a penny for nearly 1 million impressions daily.”

Gonz said TrafficHaus is known for "securing exclusive and high-profit deals that give our clients direct access to top-notch publishers, and these three new sites have helped bolster our portfolio in a serious way.”

“No one knows monetization quite like TrafficHaus and we are grateful that our hardworking webmasters see it,” he said. “We are excited to continue present our advertisers with more moneymaking opportunities than ever before.”

TrafficHaus clients are encouraged to act fast before prime inventory gets bought up, he said.

“We’ve also released discounted ad zones as of this morning to sweeten the deal,” Gonz said. “Clients get take advantage of these great new sites while adding on some prime discounted traffic for good measure. Let TrafficHaus make it easy for you make even more money.”

For more information on the new TrafficHaus publishers contact