Pink Cherry Now Distributing Beamonstar Products' Full Line

PHOENIX — Pink Cherry is now offering the full line of Beamonstar Products sex enhancers.

“Beamonstar is thrilled to add Pink Cherry as our newest full-line distributor and predict that this partnership will bring incredible opportunities to Pink Cherry’s retail clientele,” Beamonstar Products President Jeff Bolanos said. “By offering the bestselling, award-winning Beamonstar Products line, retailers can create return customers and innumerable upselling opportunities.”

Pink Cherry recently opened a state-of-the-art 40,000-square-foot warehouse located at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip where it ships directly and securely via UPS.

According to the company, by carrying a full stock of Beamonstar Products’ complete range, Pink Cherry will ship to retailers immediately, with most orders fulfilled the same day they are submitted. 

Beamonstar offers an assortment of sex enhancement supplements for men and women. Beamonstar’s signature brand of male sex enhancement SexVoltz is available in a variety of sizes including 2-capsule pouches and 60-capsue bottles. SexVoltz Delay 100 Male Desensitizer Spray comes in 1-oz and 4-ml bottles. SexVoltz-branded lubricant, which is water-based and safe for everyday use, also is available.

Beamonstar’s XploZion is supplement that adds volume to a man’s ejaculation. XploZion is available as a 2-capsule pouch, and 20-capsule and 60-capsule bottles.

Magic Mike is available in 1-pill and 2-pill pouches, 10-pill bottles, as well as 1-count, 2-count and 10-count strips. Magic Mike also is available as a combo pack that includes 1 tablet + 1 strip, and 2-tablets + 2 strips.

Beamonstar also offers ExtenZe. The supplement is available in a variety of formulas and product sizes, including the ExtenZe 30-Tablet Box and the ExtenZe 15-Tablet Starter Pack. Beamonstar also offers ExtenZe Extended Release in 15-tablet or 30-tablet packs, ExtenZe Plus 5-count display, as well as ExtenZe Higher Testosterone in 15-day and 30-day supply varieties, and ExtenZe 2-ounce Shots.

Beamonstar Products offers an assortment of sex enhancers for women as well. Nyagra, a climax intensifier for her, is available as a 20-capsule and 60-capsule bottle.

Beamonstar also offers the Velextra brand of female sex enhancement supplements. It comes in 2-capsule pouches, as well as 10-capsule and 60-capsule bottles.

Total Divas is the latest women’s sex enhancement supplement to be added to Beamonstar Products’ assortment. It is available as tablets, strips and combo packs. Total Diva tablets are available in 2-count and 10-count bottles, and 1-count and 2-count strips. Total Divas also is available as a combo pack that includes 1 tablet and 1 strip.

Sweeten69 is a unisex secretion sweetener that eliminates any unpleasant odors or tastes associated with oral sex. Sweeten69 is available in a 2-capsule pouch, as well as 15-capsule and 30-capsule bottles.

Beamonstar’s Naughty Couples Sexual First Aid Kit includes SexVoltz, Velextra, XploZion and Sweeten69. The kit also includes Beamonstar-branded lube and a sex positions guide.

Beamonstar also offers a selection of vibrators, along with other non-vibrating toys made of high-quality TPR. Retailers also can shop Beamonstar’s range of vaporizers and hookah pens.

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