Rebranded Sex Toy Line VeDO Will Launch at ILS

HONG KONG — JM Sunflower and partnering firm Savvy Co. announced today that the companies have resolved a trademark claim waged by Vivid Entertainment and have rebranded its silicone toy line.

Vivid Entertainment earlier this month claimed that the “Vivido” name used in the sex toys rolled out by JM Sunflower and Savvy Co. was too close to the adult entertainment giant’s own brands of films, toys and other adult entertainment items.

“Although no trademark infringement was legally determined, the decision to rename the silicone toy collection to VeDO was made to benefit all parties involved,” JM Sunflower said in a release today.

JM Sunflower noted that “navigating through this minor hiccup only makes our young brand stronger and even more determined to succeed in this very competitive market.”

Savvy Co.’s president, Daniel Bilodeaux, said that “finding a quick and peaceful resolution was its top priority.”

Vivid this month issued cease-and-desist letters to JM Sunflower, Savvy Co. and to each distributor selling the Vivido line of adult toys. 

“VeDO will still be known for offering quality products at very affordable prices,” Bilodeaux said. “All packaging, marketing material, messaging and attractive price points will remain the same, except for the VeDO name change. 

He noted that Vivido’s brief time in the marketplace enabled the name change to have minimal impact on all trading partners

“We are incredibly thankful to our trading partners, Entrenue, Eldorado, National Video, Honey’s Place and Williams Trading for their patience and incredible support during this transition,” Bilodeaux said. “Our distributors’ eagerness for the rebranded product is indicative of the demand for VeDO in the marketplace.”

The VeDO toy collection will re-launch at the ILS show in Las Vegas at the end of March and will resume shipping in early April, Bilodeaux said.