Dennis Hof Speaking at the Sorbonne, Announces Plans for Paris Bunny Ranch

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof will be speaking at the Sorbonne University in Paris on March 11 to debate the issue of prostitution and during his visit will publically announce his plan to open a Bunny Ranch-style brothel in the heart of the city.

Hof, the owner of seven licensed, legal brothels throughout the state of Nevada will debate the pro’s and con’s of legalized hooking at a special sold-out one-time-only Sorbonne appearance.

But Hof says his real mission in Paris is to pave the way for a return of legalized, licensed brothel, and, he will spend March 10-16 in the city scouting locations for his first "Euro-Bunny Ranch," and making himself available to meet with Paris officials to coordinate his efforts legally, socially, and politically.

With Hof’s Bunny Ranch brothel now celebrating its’ 60th year in business, and with next week’s international release of his autobiography “The Art Of The Pimp” on March 17, he feels his proven experience, and global celebrity, makes him the perfect person to bring legal bawdy-houses back to France.

Hof noted that he has previously spoken on prostitution at England’s Oxford University and Ireland’s Trinity College, and he believes that now is the time for France to take a cue from its’ own history and expand it’s progressive approach to the world’s oldest profession.

“While France enjoys a culture that is more tolerant that my own when it comes to the legalization of the sex business, she would do well to fall back on her own rich history, to a time when Napoleon oversaw the profitable regulation of over 180 brothels in Paris alone. His bi-weekly inspection of all prostitutes is a health model that we still follow to this day in Nevada with weekly medical inspections and monthly blood work. The French economy thrived during that period, and criminal activity associated with the sex trade was suppressed. Those results replicate themselves in the modern day example of Nevada, over 200 years later,” Hof said.

He added, “I’m traveling to The Sorbonne to announce my intention to pursue a license to open a Bunny Ranch in Paris, and fully restore French culture to a time when they led the world by example in their approach to the legalization and regulation of prostitution.”