The pjur Group Adds Sales, Marketing Team Members

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group has added Peter Lenz and Fabian Kleboth to its Luxembourg headquarters staff.

Effective immediately, Lenz will support the pjur sales team in the acquisition of new customers and in expanding existing contacts.

“The market for our products is growing continually and we’re receiving more and more requests from wholesalers and retailers around the world who want to sell pjur products. Therefore, we’ve hired an additional employee in Peter who, with his linguistic skills, will be responsible primarily for France, Belgium, Italy, and Eastern Europe,” said Ralph Ehses, head of global sales and business development.

Pjur’s marketing and communications team is also welcoming Kleboth to its team. The graphic arts graduate for digital and print will support the design of pjur marketing materials and advertisements and take on tasks in the online B2B and B2C areas. His strengths include web design and addressing end-customers in the social media.

“The demand and requirements in marketing grow with each new market and customer. At the same time, there are always new opportunities for Internet presence and the real time approach in the brand communications in the online sphere. Through various new projects it became clear to us that we also had to expand our team,” said Andrea Giebel, director of PR and marketing.

She added, “Here at pjur we adhere to the philosophy that all our advertising materials should be designed in-house, and that we should provide all forms of communications around the world using our own manpower. This requires a strong team, which can grow with the ever-changing requirements. We’re delighted that Fabian will bring his knowledge and experience to the team immediately.”

Lenz can be reached at Kleboth’s email address is