Grand Slam Media Taps KSquaredDynamics for Brand Development

Rhett Pardon

TORONTO — Traffic broker Grand Slam Media said today that it has tapped KSquaredDynamics to lead the company’s brand development and public relations initiatives.

The Toronto-based firm, in a release today, said that KSquaredDynamics will be responsible for the “greater awareness of Grand Slam Media and the launch of their proprietary program that will change the way advertisers and publishers do business.”

“I am impressed by what Grand Slam Media has on deck this year,” said Kristen Kaye, president of KSquaredDynamics. “Our company aligns itself with premium brands that we see great value in and when the industry is made aware of how dynamic GSM is, I assure you that everyone will be working with them in some capacity.”

Grand Slam Media is a boutique traffic brokerage that, according to company officials, “has silently dominated the space since 2008 with 28 consecutive quarters of revenue growth.”

Edmond Hazlewood, Grand Slam Media’s president, said that the company has a number of new initiatives in the pipeline for 2015-2016.

“[I]it is imperative that our entire communications strategy is elevated, and we are very excited about what is coming up Q2 and beyond.”