Wins 3 RISE Awards, Breaks Profit Barrier

Rhett Pardon

NEW YORK — is on a hot streak coming after winning three RISE awards from the well-known adult review site RabbitsReviews., the company’s first venture into adult member sites, aims to expand the traditional market offerings with 4K content, unique bondage situations and integration of hardcore entertainment “with educational and social perspectives.”

The newcomer site won the Most Original award, the Innovation award and the Masterful Moniker award at RISE, making its owner, Lawrence Neil (Dr. Mercies), delighted.

“We worked 18 hours a day for a year to make this site happen, so the recognition feels great,” said Neil, CEO of Two-Flame Media, which owns and affiliate site

“We launched with a whacky, unproven concept into a saturated market dominated by long-established brands that we knew would have massively greater share of voice and traffic. But we knew the content was different, and we were confident there was a group of customers out there who’d enjoy our original offering.”

Neil said that after six months on the market, Assylum has achieved profitability.

“We’ve reached the point where our net income from the site itself and our video-on-demand partners matches our production costs on an average monthly cash-flow basis. We still have a lot of work to grow and meet our longer-term goals, but we are now here to stay.”

Neil noted he is planning the next initiative for Two-Flame Media at the same time Assylum continues to grow.

“We have secured an innovative domain and have begun to work out the details for an even more novel site that we believe will capture the enthusiasm of everyman,” he said. “Even as Assylum continues to serve an under-met need in the extreme anal BDSM niche, our next site will pave a new market of interactive adult entertainment for the masses.”