Homegrown Video's Farrell Timlake to Speak at South by Southwest

John Sanford

SAN DIEGO — Homegrown Video president and founder, Farrell Timlake, will speak on a special panel about marketing in the adult industry at South by Southwest music, film and interactive festival on March 16.
The panel discussion, “Porn, the Quiet Pioneer of Marketing,” will run from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Austin, 208 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, Texas 78704.
“The adult industry has been a powerful, innovative marketing force for mainstream media and entertainment for years so I’m honored to share my ideas, insight and experience at this event,” Timlake said. “The adult industry has a history of being shut out of certain marketing opportunities available to mainstream traditional marketers so it typically has to evolve its own methods for driving consumers to its products.

"This sort of rugged frontier individualism inspires creative methods and techniques for the survival of business. So, in this way, adult companies pioneered many marketing techniques that are settled into later by the mainstream.”
The panel will discuss how the adult industry has led the way in business marketing over the years. By taking risks, adult industry leaders have pioneered how to appeal to a mass audience through a variety of innovative and creative means, via social media, Internet sites, hosting fan conventions, and by developing a sophisticated e-commerce presence across many platforms.
“Porn embraces every new medium, and storytelling technology, and every form of user experience, and adopts it early. They’re not afraid to take risks, and porn marketers face many of the challenges of a highly congested, commoditized category,” the event description reads. “So let’s learn from them, and the PornHub ‘Give America Wood Campaign,’ and what makes porn content follow-able and shareable – something all marketers in the modern age strive for but few achieve. Porn’s marketing and tech advancements have arguably made the Internet what it is today. Amazon and e-Bay wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Porn’s advancements in E-commerce – and family home movie night wouldn’t be possible if not for Porn’s video streaming technology.”
To learn more on the South by Southwest panel, click here.
For more than 30 years, Homegrown Video has been the go-to place for unique all-amateur adult videos recorded by real couples. The company has grown its brand with a variety of amateur adult content and special interest videos, and has earned multiple awards over the years. It is recognized for its long-running, multiple award-winning series “Homegrown Video,” which is now in its 852nd edition, featuring actual couples having sex.
Adult and mainstream media outlets have praised homegrown Video’s flagship series over the years. In addition to Newsweek’s endorsement, US News & World Report heralded it as “a clearinghouse for the democracy of porn, supplying hardcore videos by the people, for the people.” Hustler said, “Unique, innovative, hip, and sexually powerful – that’s Homegrown Video! Homegrown is the best amateur XXX in the market today.”
All Homegrown Video releases are available through Girlfriends Films Distribution.