FameDollars Launches 'Girlsway Pilots'

MONTREAL — FameDollars, the award-winning affiliate program and subsidiary of Gamma Entertainment, on Wednesday announced the launch of “Girlsway Pilots.”

Starting today, Girlsway.com will begin releasing at least one new “pilot” scene per month.

Since their launch in 2014, crowdsourcing has always played a big role in how Girlsway casts their scenes. Now the premium lesbian network is looking to expand this relationship by working directly with their community to develop ideas for new content. Like a television network, Girlsway.com will showcase “pilots” to generate feedback and lay the groundwork for potential future series.

With the feedback collected directly from users and the Girlsway team’s ability to quickly adapt to new popular trends online, Girlsway.com members will now have an even stronger role in helping to shape the content they watch, the company said.

"The vision is to develop our pilots in much the same way a showrunner would develop a TV series," said Bree Mills, head of production for Gamma Entertainment. "Once we hatch an initial idea, we'll get it out there, gather the feedback of our fans, and use their comments to spin off additional episodes. What's most exciting is that our members will be involved from the get-go, not only after we're 25 scenes into production. With members as passionate as ours, I can't wait to see what they have to say!"

Affiliate Manager Derrick Gilbert added, "The 'Girlsway Pilots' will be something that affiliates will have an easy time converting. With big names and tailored scene treatments, the user is getting what they are looking for."

For marketing materials or more information, visit FameDollars.com. For custom requests, contact Gilbert at derrick@famedollars.com.