TrafficForce Rolls Out Refined Regional Ad Targeting

TORONTO — TrafficForce today said it has released an important upgrade that further targets those in specific locations, drilling down the best metrics with each campaign.

“Whether your offers do best with residents of New York, or people who live in the (209) area code, now you can target each buy to that specific audience. Even more importantly, you can also match each creative to the region where it will be viewed,” the company said in a release.

In simplest terms, the new upgrade lets users focus on the most productive audiences and enhance the CTR of each ad by helping you to match your creative with the local audience of each particular area, said the company, which has more than 12 billion premium monthly impressions.

“If your product is only available in certain locations, can only legally be sold in some states, requires different landers and sales funnel modifications to perform best in varying markets, now is the time to put TrafficForce to work for you with a massive network of qualified publishers and high-volume premium traffic that can be tailored to your strict placement parameters,” the company said. “Best of all, the Traffic Force interface makes it all easy to do with just a couple of clicks.”