Kristen Kaye Named Director of WIA, to Lead Online Community

LOS ANGELES — Veteran online industry executive Kristen Kaye has been named director of Women In Adult, commonly known as WIA.

Kaye will head the organization’s efforts in the digital media business community with a focus on bolstering WIA community value.

With more than a decade of experience in marketing, sales, public relations and brand development, Kaye’s background includes a 10-year career at XBIZ, where since 2007 she has held the posts of director of sales, associate publisher and then head of business development.

Her unique combination of talents will make the transition to WIA smooth and exciting, Kaye said, pointing out that the organization has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

“The organization was created to empower female executives and to recognize their contributions to the growth and continued success of the industry. Back then its presence was mostly through special events at select industry trade shows. My goal is to build it into a truly dynamic organization, one that offers women great opportunities for success,” Kaye said.

The executive said she’s excited and intrigued by what new challenges her new role will pose.

She’s confident that under her guidance the organization will continue to promote and advocate women's diverse roles in the adult business through a variety of informational offerings and networking gatherings.

“My focus will be to forge relationships and unify the online side of the adult industry. This will include community management and engagement through all forms of media,” Kaye said.

In the next few months, Kaye vows to develop WIA’s community and create a marketing campaign letting people know that WIA is the “official women’s business organization of the adult industry” and to invite female businesswomen to become part of the growth.