Nalpac Reviews New Product Lines for 2015

Lila Gray

FERNDALE, Mich. — After attending the ANME Expo, XBIZ 360, and other industry trade shows last month, the Nalpac executive, marketing, purchasing and sales team staff convened to review and learn about the new products that were presented during these shows and set for release in 2015.

Glenn LeBoeuf, vice president of operations, Branden Burks, purchasing coordinator, and Don Zerilli, senior buyer/marketing coordinator, all made presentations to the sales and marketing team to discuss what they learned from the manufacturers at the shows about the new products and their release dates.

During the two-day meeting, staff sampled products, learned about new product features, selling points, benefits, and merchandizing tips and techniques for retailers.

“It’s always good when all the departments meet to go over the new products released at the ANME show,” CEO Ralph Caplan said. “Here we can share the knowledge we got directly from the manufacturer, and as a distributor we can pass on our knowledge of the products to the retailer who in turn will share that knowledge with their customers.

“It’s our job as a distributor to make sure the retailer has the knowledge and education of the new products that they can pass on to their customers.”

For more information about Nalpac’s adult novelty product lines, or to place an order, email or call 1-800-837-5946.