ICM Registry Adds Domain Check for Brand Owners

MIAMI — ICM Registry — the operator of .xxx, and the upcoming .sex., adult and .porn top-level domains — has released an online tool for companies to check their brands across hundreds of new TLD names.

Domain Check provides information related to ICM Registry’s own TLD names as well as the many news ones, offering data on launch phase and registration.

Specifically, it allows users to see if there is eligibility for ICM Registry’s Domain Match program, as well as for the registry’s .porn and .adult Sunrise B program.

It also shows the ability to see the status of other TLD launches for those seeking to protect a domain.

“We are providing this free service to domain name owners, intellectual property attorneys and others who are interested in checking the status of specific domain names across new gTLDs,” ICM Registry says on its website. “We hope you will find our service useful as you navigate this new gTLD world.”