'Krossfire' From Falcon Edge Streets

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios Group has released “Krossfire” on DVD.

The Falcon Edge release, directed by Nick Foxx, was named in honor of Sebastian Kross, and features his debut as an Exclusive A-Team model for Falcon Studios Group.

The cast also includes fellow A-Team Exclusives Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran and Nick Sterling, as well as Colton Grey and Dorian Ferro.

It features Kross of the movie’s namesake having the second man-on-man experience of his life — and his very first sex in front of a camera. 

Kross, a former Navy seaman and gay porn newcomer who has attracted considerable attention in the industry, appears in two scenes. The first of those two scenes, with Colton Grey, was Kross’ second sexual encounter with another man and his first in front of the camera.

"Having sex on camera for the first time was really exciting,” Kross said. “Nick Foxx’s directing helped get the best out of me and my scene partners, even when I was doing things I had never done before. Seeing the final product come together has been a really great experience. I had a blast making this movie, and I can’t wait to make more scenes for all the fans to enjoy.”

“The chemistry in ‘Krossfire’ is out of this world,” Foxx said. “Unlocking Sebastian Kross’ potential for the first time was mind-blowing; he has all the makings of a superstar. Sean Zevran bottoming is always a treat, and he gives Sebastian a wild ride in their scene. The guys gave it their all in ‘Krossfire,’ and I know fans will love it.”

“I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of models, and I know an emerging superstar when I see one. Sebastian Kross is undoubtedly one of the best,” Falcon Studios Group President Chris Ward said. “Director Nick Foxx has produced an incredible piece of work with ‘Krossfire,’ notable not just for introducing Sebastian to the world, but also as a thrilling, satisfying release from beginning to end, featuring a cast of six of the hottest men in the industry.”

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