New Study Says a GSOH Can Improve Love Lives

LOS ANGELES — U.K.-based online adult retailer Tempt Me Tease Me has announced the results of a new study suggesting that having a good sense of humor (GSOH), along with being rich and handsome, doesn’t just attract a partner — it will actually give them better orgasms too.

The study, which appeared in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, gathered results from a survey of 54 female undergraduates at Albany University, who were quizzed about the quality of their love life and their partner’s attributes. On average, the women reported that they had sex 3.57 times per week — enjoying an average of 1.37 orgasms per session, with an overall intensity of 3.28 (on a scale of 1-5).

The study reveals that characteristics suggesting good genes will lead to greater frequency and intensity of orgasms in heterosexual relationships.

According to Tempt Me Tease Me’s  Lara Wade, although there may be some truth in the fact that men who are more attractive may provide a better orgasm, or that the intimacy created by laughing together creates a greater receptiveness for sexual encounters, there are some difficulties with the suggestion.

“Being rich is also listed as an indicator of having good genes, and therefore in turn, of creating a superior sexual experience,” Wade says. “It’s possible to be rich simply by being born to wealthy parents who may have accumulated their funds by sheer hard work, overturning decades of poverty, [so] it is therefore difficult to link this privileged individual to any genes which naturally attribute wealth.”

“Having a generous trust fund can mean than an individual doesn’t need to develop a persuasive personality, any degree of determination or focus, or even commitment to a subject,” Wade explains. “Yet being rich is automatically included as an indicator for good sex as a result of breeding? [This is] difficult to comprehend…”

Wade notes that while having broad shoulders is an undeniable genetic trait that according to the survey leads to better sexual experiences, the survey results suggest that men with broad shoulders were more likely to be described as having an attractive face.

Despite these findings, the survey’s authors question the validity of the results, posing the question over which comes first: great sex or well-perceived attributes?

“There is some suggestion that if a woman is enjoying great sex, she may well describe the attributes of a man in a more positive manner, endowing him with more qualities than in fact he may actually possess,” Wade says. “Therefore the survey poses more questions than it answers, asking whether in fact women experience better orgasms first and as a result then view their man in a more positive light.”

The alternative, Wade notes, is that having money and a GSOH would somehow influence the quality of sex, and how intensely an orgasm would be experienced.

“More research is clearly needed into the subject, in particular how to separate the issues of perception and how male partners are viewed both before and after they become lovers for the first time,” Wade concludes. “What is clear however is that adding a GSOH to your dating profile could end up being more beneficial than you originally thought.”

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