HD Ideas Offers 3XPromo Ex-Members Mailing for NATS 4.1

MONTREAL — HD Ideas Inc. has announced its launch of 3XPromo.com, a free ex-members mailing plugin application for users of the NATS 4.1 adult affiliate program solution.

HD Ideas Inc. is a Montreal-based company specializing in innovative ideas for adult affiliate marketing programs, while NATS is a backend system powering many adult site’s affiliate programs.

According to the company, once the 20 minute plugin setup is complete, 3XPromo’s experts will take care of every aspect of the mailing. Besides the installation, the user requires no other action — simply sit back, relax and wait for your checks to roll in.

“Don’t leave money on the table,” says JMan, director of 3XPromo.com. “Monetize your ex-members.”

“Email marketing has been a proven method to generate income for years,” JMan adds. “If you are not actively mailing your ex-members list, [people] who are confirmed porn buyers, then you are leaving a considerable market untapped.”

3XPromo.com works on a 90/10 revenue sharing split, charging website owners 10 percent for mailing. When mailing third party sites, users receive 100 percent of their commission, with the program only paying a 10 percent webmaster referral fee.

“After a year in beta, our partners have been converting a considerable amount of sales by emailing discounted ex-member offers,” JMan concludes. “Besides bringing in more sales, 3XPromo will get traffic back to your sites from partners who cover the same niches.”

A tutorial video is available by emailing Jean-François Laverdière, a.k.a. “JMan,” at offers@3xpromo.com.

For more information, visit 3XPromo.com.