SexShop3D Says 3D Printed Sex Toys Are Safe for Internal Use

Stephen Yagielowicz

PARIS —, an online store providing customers with 3D models for printing sex toys at home, has announced that such toys are safe for intimate use.

According to founder Thomas Sancelot, who started the company last year, the sex toy industry was bound to change as 3D printing becomes more popular.

“Privacy, convenience, customization and cost are key factors when looking for sex toys, and all of that is brought by 3D printing,” Sancelot says. “You can download 3D sex toy designs from for only a few dollars and then print out as many copies as you wish from the privacy of your home.”

Sancelot says that because the materials used in home 3D printing have raised some reservations, some consumers are asking if 3D printed sex toys are safe to use.

“With 3D printing, an object is created by laying down successive layers of material,” Sancelot explains. “This creates microscopic gaps between layers so we must get a good surface finish before using the object for intimate pleasure.”

An online video reveals the manufacturing process and how the toy can be made safe for intimate use.

“Silicone and ABS plastic are the preferred materials for 21st century sex toys, so make sure to print with ABS filament,” Sancelot advises. “Then polish your sex toy to get a smooth surface and spray it with thin coats of silicone.”

Sancelot says that SexShop3D’s store is growing as the technology evolves.

“When we will be able to print in more suitable materials, we will 3D print more complex sex toys,” Sancelot concludes. “For now, you can get 3D printed dildos and butt plugs made of hard or flexible plastic, until we figure out how to make a sex toy [that is] ready to be used out of the printer.”

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