New 'Transcendence Award' Category Announced for Transgender Erotica Awards

BURBANK, Calif. — The Transgender Erotica Awards announced a new category for the upcoming show, called the Transcendence Award.

The award was created by first-time sponsor, plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Sinclair.   

The Transcendence Award celebrates the accomplishments of a performer, who has acted as an ambassador for the industry, embodying a positive appearance and attitude toward those she works with.   

Nominees for this year include Brooke Zannell, Chelsea Marie, Eva Cassini, Jordan Jay, Michelle Austin, PennyTyler, Sasha Strokes and Tori Mayes. This shortlist will be given to a panel of industry judges, who will vote on the winner.

“Did you ever dream you were flying? Did you ever dream you were performing before 20,000 [people] and they loved everything you did? This award, the Transcendence award, is about that,” Dr. Sinclair said. “It’s about making gold from dust. This award is about these special few, who deliver an experience that takes us beyond our normal boundaries.

“These artists use their creative skill and imagination to produce a work that lets us revel in emotional and physical pleasure. These exceptional people make us forget our stresses and problems, and entertain us with stimulation and excitement, taking us to a better understanding of who we are and what we want.”

Dr. ASinclair is a board certified surgeon who offers a wide array of services, including breast enhancement, buttock enhancement, facial feminization, hair grafting and gender reassignment. For more info about Dr. Sinclair and his practice, visit

His experience with gender variance began in the ‘70s as a college student, when he acted at the LaMama Theater with some of the stars of Club 82.

In 1979, Sinclair did a plastic surgery rotation at the Stanford University Transgender Clinic, but the academic surgical program was eventually phased out. As his own clinical practice evolved, his transgender patient population increased and he became interested in serving the trans community.

"We've been developing and growing the award show over a number of years, and the aim was always to try and attract more mainstream sponsors to sit alongside our adult industry sponsors," Grooby Productions owner Steven Grooby said. "Changing the name of the show was the catalyst for many to look at opportunities, and we're very happy to have been able to attract one of Los Angeles' top cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Sinclair is our exclusive surgeon sponsor, and we look forward to entertaining him and his guests at the show."

The Seventh Annual Transgender Erotica Awards will be held on Sunday, Feb. 15, at the Avalon in Hollywood, Calif. 

The official after party will be held on Feb. 16 at the Avalon’s connecting property, the Bardot. Pre-sale tickets can be found at