ExoClick Adds 4 New Ad Network Updates

Bob Johnson

BARCELONA, Spain — ExoClick today announced that the company has further improved its ad network platform with four key functional updates.

The platform now includes a flexible Frequency Capping function on CPM and smart CPM campaigns, allowing unlimited options for retargeting users with ads.

The company said that before the update, advertisers could choose between one to five impressions (x) to target at a user over a 24 hour period (y). Now they can fine-tune their retargeting with much more flexibility, the (x) option is now unlimited and the (y) option now allows advertisers to select specific timings in hours and minutes.

ExoClick's founder and CEO Benjamin Fonzé explained, “Frequency capping is all about experimentation, by increasing the options to experiment with we have provided advertisers with the tools to find the perfect 'sweet spot' for retargeting users.

"For example, for an ad campaign that offers a timed discount that runs out in a hour, the sweet spot might be 5 impressions per hour for the best conversions. Alternatively, for a teaser style ad campaign 3 impressions in 10 minutes might be the ideal for maximum conversions. These small changes in the frequency capping metrics have the potential to have a huge positive impact on the optimization of clients campaigns and revenues.”

A second new function, designed to increase productivity and efficiency allows advertisers to carry out mass uploads of creatives. Up to 10 creatives can now be dragged and dropped at the same time into Variations. Further platform enhancements include better language and browser detection and WebMoney has been added as an official payment option for publishers.

“We are continually improving the options available to clients on our admin panel. The more tools we can offer to clients the more they can grow their businesses and also learn new skills and methods in which to engage with and monetize their traffic,” said Richard Cottrell, global sales director.