Icon Brands Unveils Boomer Banks Falcon Signature Dong

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Icon Brands is releasing what it bills as the largest of its Falcon Signature Dongs ever, molded from gay performer Boomer Banks.

“Boomer has a masive following,” said Joanie Lee, Icon’s vice president of sales. “He also has a massive package, about 12 inches. Never has a new Falcon dong release garnered so much interest, and so many advance orders.”

A Falcon Studios Group exclusive, the tatted, Latino star’s DVDs are reportedly best-sellers. Lee added, “This is our 20th Signature Falcon Group dong, and with Boomer’s fan base, it just may become our all-time best-seller.”

Packaged in the classic Falcon clam with a vibrant red and black outer sleeve, Boomer’s Signature Dong will debut at ANME.

“We’re shipping immediately … even if we have to order extra-large boxes to do it,” Lee joked.

Falcon’s Boomer Banks Signature piece is available from Icon Brands and leading distributors nationwide. 

Visit IconBrands.com for more information, or contact Joanie Lee at (818) 582-4200 or joanie@iconbrands.com.