Webstream to Make U.S. Debut at XBIZ 360

Stephen Yagielowicz

LONDON — The U.K.-based interactive software company Webstream has announced its upcoming debut at the XBIZ 360 Digital Media Conference in Hollywood.

According to the company, it knows full well that large fan-bases, popularity and brand power are what drive revenue in the live adult entertainment space, so Webstream developed a do-it-yourself live cam, chat and streaming solution that boasts a solid technological infrastructure and highly competitive compensation plan for its users, with the system piquing the interest of many in the cam community.

Offering easy integration, reliability and dynamic abilities, the Webstream solution quickly earned the firm a 2015 XBIZ Award nomination for “Software Company of the Year.” Now, its principle, Ben Clark, will unleash Webstream on the North American market by hosting an intensive, hands-on workshop, which will showcase the company’s various tools and their uses for boosting revenues for users.

“We are simply honored to have been invited to present and showcase our live cam, clip and phone chat solutions [at XBIZ 360],” Webstream CEO Ben Clark said. “We see the tide turning with models realizing that they can capitalize from taking control of their cam presence and build upon their star power.”

The company invites all XBIZ 360 attendees to join them at 1 p.m. on January 14, to learn how to build, run and monetize their own live cam, clip store and/or phone chat operations.

“It will be fantastic to show models, studios and all potential partners everything we can do to enhance their profits and their overall offerings,” Clark adds.

To learn more about the workshop or to make an appointment with the Webstream Team, email info@webstream.co.uk.

For more information, visit Webstream.co.uk.