Magic Silk, Male Power Planograms Announced

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. ­– Magic Silk and Male Power are now offering customizable planograms designed to meet the specific needs of any retail environment.

The planogram arrangements are designed to fit under a variety of 36”x13”x1.5” canvas print headers, each depicting a male or female model, sensuously posed. According to the company, the canvas print headers are space efficient as they appear across the top of each section, utilizing formerly unusable wall space.

Seven categories of product are currently available for these displays, including Male Power Underwear, Lust Fetish Wear, Fantasy Costumes and Exposed Lingerie.

The layouts can be customized by style, dollar amount and space requirements. Multiple planograms can be combined or displayed separately, according to the retailer’s preference. Flexibility is limitless, the company says.

Magic Silk says it can provide retailers with a previews of finished displays using special planogram software, allowing store owners to see in advance what their wall displays will look like, and make any necessary changes ahead of time.

Jeff Baker, president of the companies, says he has chosen to utilize planograms as a creative and robust way of responding to customer needs.

“We listen to what our customers have to say, and fully understand that space efficiency, customization and the enhancement of in-store sales are their overriding concerns,” he said. “This new system of designing and building displays is innovative, attractive and economical, and we are excited to pioneer its use in the intimate apparel industry.”