Bunny Ranch's Dennis Hof Pens New Book

NEW YORK —  "The Art of the Pimp,” by Moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel proprietor Dennis Hof is set to hit bookstores on March 17, publisher Regan Arts announced today.

Owner of seven legal brothels and nicknamed “The P.T. Barnum of Booty,” Hof has worked his way around Nevada’s bans on advertising for prostitution to become one of the most innovative and subversive marketers in the country.

The new book offers up the author’s unique brand of advice and insight, and a behind-the-scenes look at his chaotic life as the “king of America’s sex industry.”

Revealing the secrets behind his outrageous marketing stunts (such as the now infamous “Get My Grandpa Laid” contest on the Howard Stern Show) and how his “girls” negotiate the highest prices for sex, Hof teaches the secrets of the business of love and sex and the tricks of turning tricks, all while sharing the scandalous details of his friendships with porn stars, prostitutes, and politicians.

“I think people will be surprised at how much of my story they can identify with. While the legal prostitution trade may be a world away from their daily lives, my personal struggles with love and challenges in business will ring all too familiar with anyone who has loved and lost, and come out on top on the other side of it,” Hof said.

He added, “My successes and my setbacks will prove to be equally inspiring for both men and women, young and old alike.  And for those who think that they already know me, there are many things revealed about me in this book for the very first time. Some of those things I didn't even know about myself.”

With appearances by a famous cast of characters who have entered the Bunny Ranch’s orbit (including Andy Kauffman, Ron Jeremy, Tony Clifton, and Ron Paul) and featuring a comic strip created by celebrated cartoonist Robert Grossman, Hof said “The Art of the Pimp” take readers on what can only be described as a wild ride through his countless sexual conquests, romantic failures, and business successes.