Vibratex Offering New Gift Box Packaging

NAPA, Calif. — Vibratex today announced that it is launching a range of its vibes in new “gift box” packaging, beginning with its Dahlia and Sugar Pop products ready for Valentine’s Day.

The new look was prompted after the success of the Rabbit Habit Original Deluxe packaging.

“Several of our retail partners have asked us for packaging that matches our high-quality products and shows off their uniqueness on shelf,” vice president Shay Martin said. “We are very pleased with how our new packaging has turned out. It really communicates the key benefit of our product range: ‘Awaken new sensations.'"

The company also noted that only the vibes’ packaging has changed. “It’s the same, unique, thoughtfully crafted vibes with the power to satisfy that Vibratex is famous for,” Martin added.

Dahlia and Sugar Pop — set to become centerpieces as retailers build Valentine’s Day displays — are now available for order and delivery.

The entire packaging line will be on display at the ANME show, Jan. 12-13.

For more information, or to place an order, visit, or call Eddie Romero at (800) 222-3361, (707) 226-8888, or email