Morality in Media Discusses Plans for 2015

LOS ANGELES — President of faith-based anti-porn advocacy group Morality in Media, Pat Trueman, said that 2014 saw significant strides in his organization’s fight against porn, citing Google’s decision to limit adult advertising.

"Google was heavy into the pornography advertising business … and through a campaign with our coalition of phone calls, emails, meetings, etc., we convinced them to get out of the porn business," Trueman said.

While Google has changed its policies to prevent adult business from advertising explicit material on its AdWords platform, the search giant still hosts hardcore pornographic sites — which continue to drive the majority of all Internet traffic.

Morality in Media says it will fight to further reduce the proliferation of porn in the New Year.

In 2015, Morality in Media reports that it will continue pressuring the Department of Justice to prosecute more “illegal adult pornography,” which it claims it has not been doing. According to MIM, the only prosecutions are for child porn.

Additionally, the organization says it will challenge the trafficking of women and children, which, it claims, is fueled in part by porn. We’re still waiting for the stats on that.