Empowered Products Supports University Sex-Ed Programs

LAS VEGAS – Empowered Products, Inc., a U.S.-based manufacturer of sexual wellness products under its PINK and Gun Oil brands, announces its ongoing commitment to supporting safe sex education workshops and events through university-sponsored programs.

During the current quarter, Empowered Products says it provided thousands of complimentary PINK and Gun Oil samples, as well as catalogs, discount cards, and related items to Boston University, New College of Florida, San Francisco State University, and New York University in support of their safe sex education programs and events.

"Our commitment to safe sex education is an integral component of our beneficial interaction with current and future customers as we provide guidance for safe-sex practices within a comfortable learning environment,” Empowered Products CEO Scott Fraser said. “Empowered Products stands by the empowerment of the students throughout our nation's university system and we are enriched by our improved community."

Empowered Products' PINK and Gun Oil lines of personal lubricants are designed to be completely body safe. The company says its sample program has been created to provide PINK and Gun Oil samples for men and women at events specific to the promotion of sexual health and wellness, body care, physical fitness and events drawing a specific audience such as alternative lifestyle and pre/post-menopausal women.

Safe sex advocacy groups on college campuses, as well as other wellness organizations, may contact customerservice@empoweredproducts.com for a Donation Request Form to request complimentary samples of PINK and/or Gun Oil for their upcoming events.