Beamonstar Products to Debut 1st Toy Line at ANME

PHOENIX — Beamonstar Products announced that it will be debuting its first adult novelty line at the ANME show, which is set to take place at the Burbank Marriott Jan. 12-13. 

The new collection includes four lines: XpanderZ, XtensionZ, DongZ and PlugZ. All of the toys are made in Southern California and are 100-percent phthalate free.

“The pieces from the new collection are so beautiful they could easily be mistaken for art pieces,” said Jeff Bolanos, CEO of Beamonstar Products.  “Also, we committed to manufacturing the collection right here in the U.S. so we know what is going into our toys and we have complete control over our manufacturing. We are proud to say that our pricing is competitive with most of the larger manufacturers out there.”

Bolanos notes that the company has been working diligently throughout 2014 to expand its product line. It added an entire Vapor collection, which includes a full line of e-vapes, e-hookahs, e-juices, atomizers and a wealth of marketing tools.

“The line has done extremely well for our distributors and stores, and we are thrilled to finally be entering the toy space with our new collection,” Bolanos said. ?“Since I started Beamonstar Products, my goal has been to build solid relationships with all our distributors, retailers and most importantly, our consumers. Beamonstar has become a trusted brand name in the marketplace, so when we introduce a product that bares our name, people know they are getting a quality product.

The toys will be on display at the ANME show at Beamonstar’s booth.

Customers who set up an advance meeting for the ANME show will receive a gift bag from Beamonstar.

To set up a meeting, email Jeff or Clint or call the Beamonstar office at 888-398-3693?

For more info and to check out Beamonstar’s products, visit