Sportsheets Offers 1st Look at 'Thrillogy' Sexperiments Kits

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – With the launch date of Sportsheets International’s new Sexperiments line rapidly approaching, the company is offering a sneak peak at Thrillogy, another one of the soon-to-debut kits form the collection.

The kit includes three of Sportsheets most popular products that were released two years ago, coinciding with the “50 Shades” phenomenon.

According to Sportsheets, “This little kit is a beginner’s or movie goer’s delight. Put yourself in the mood with this collection consisting of The Grey Tie — the sexiest restraint you’ll ever wear to dinner; Masquerade Mask — a mask often reveals the true self; and a set of Metal Handcuffs (with keys) for when a grey tie just won’t do. Perfect for travel or that weekend getaway."

The Thrillogy Kit is the fifth and final kit in the Sexperiments Collection, which caters to both beginners looking to try fantasy play for the first time and to experienced users.

Other kits in the line that fans can sneak a peek at include the Bling & Sting Kit, The Ties That Bind Kit, The Masked Desires Kit and the Switch Out Silencer Kit.

“We are extremely excited to offer our customers and the public a sneak peak at the Thrillogy Kit,” said Sportsheets President Julie Stewart. “We are anticipating this coming Valentine’s Day season to be our busiest in company history. We have been working tirelessly over the past year to perfect the new Sexperiments collection, to make it a marketable product for anyone looking to explore a new type of sexual lifestyle and we have designed kits that will cater to everyone.

“They are all beautifully packaged and they all contain amazing quality products, which are what have helped build the Sportsheets brands over the last 21 years.”

The entire Sexperiments Collection is currently available for pre-order and will be ready to ship in time for Valentine’s Day. For more information or check to out all five kits, visit the Sportsheets website.

To view the commercial for the Sexperiments collection starring Sportsheets Founder Tom Stewart, click here.