Falcon Studios Unveils 'America's Finest'

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios Group announced plans to debut its most star-studded movie of the year, "America’s Finest."

The major release was produced by the Monster Bang line and co-directed by Nick Foxx and Trenton Ducati, who makes his directorial debut on the feature.

Directors Nick Foxx and Trenton Ducati pair up Falcon A-Team members for five scenes of nonstop ab flexing, dirty talking, mouth stuffing and ass fucking in never-before-seen pairings.

The cast of star performers includes Brent Corrigan, Ryan Rose, Boomer Banks, Sean Zevran, Brian Bonds, Shawn Wolfe, Derek Atlas, Andrew Stark, David Benjamin and Johnny V.

The pairings include Stark and Corrigan; Rose and Zevran; Johnny V and Atlas; Banks and Bonds; and Benjamin and Wolfe.

“It was a privilege to be co-director of ‘America’s Finest,'" said co-director Trenton Ducati. "The name really fits the situation. The cast is insanely good, and the lead director, Nick Foxx, is a true artist. To witness anyone at the top of their game is inspiring and every scene in this movie is just that. I can honestly say I was amazed and a little shocked at how much energy these stars put out. We couldn’t have asked for more, and I can’t thank the Falcon Studios Group team enough for this opportunity.  Please enjoy this masterpiece!” 

“It was an absolute honor to head this project, directing an entire cast of our A-Team exclusives for ‘America's Finest!’” said Nick Foxx. “The sheer star power in this movie is enough to light up an arena! The guys knew how big of a deal this movie was, so they all brought their best performances. Plus, it was amazing to co-direct with Trenton Ducati on his first movie as a director. He added so much to the final product with his immense experience delivering hot action in front of the camera.”

“With ‘America’s Finest,’ we wanted to finish the year with a big bang by giving fans the hottest American, A-Team Exclusives in action that would literally blow their socks off,” remarked Chris Ward, Falcon Studios Group president.

“’America’s Finest’ puts together five scenes of undeniably outstanding gay male erotica, with never-before-seen pairings that fans have been waiting for. The Ryan Rose flip fuck with Sean Zevran is out of this world. Andrew Stark’s pounding of Brent Corrigan is delicious. Boomer Banks’ flip flop with Brian Bonds must be seen. Shawn Wolfe and David Benjamin’s nasty, piggy scene is extraordinary. And, Johnny V riding Derek Atlas is a sight to behold. This is All-Amazing, All-American hardcore gay sex at its finest.”