CamsPower Offers White, Black Label Cam Programs

LOS ANGELES — has announced its release of branded white and black label versions of its new cam site for affiliates to promote.

According to the company, its new white label offers easy integration so that affiliates can quickly be up and running with their own take on the company’s site.

“A white label site is a rebranded version of our live webcam product, labeled as your own, tailored to monetize your traffic sources,” explains a CamsPower rep. “Our WL editor comes equipped with the ability to control several customization options including some robust SEO features and niche filtering tools.”

The white label sites feature domain-based tracking to ensure credit for all sales, without worrying about “cookie stuffing” or other shady techniques used by rogue affiliates.

“Once the site is setup we will pay a commission for every single sale made on your domain,” the rep adds. “All you need to do is just to fuel the site with traffic and watch the conversions start rolling in.”

For affiliates seeking a more advanced integration, CamsPower is also offering a “black label” of its site.

“We now have an additional set of customizations available only to our Black Label Partners who have the resources and know-how to build their own sites, but are looking for content or an even more resilient set of SEO tools,” the rep explains. “The black label works very similar to a white label, it’s also a rebranded version of our live webcam product, made possible through several APIs which deliver cams or allow partners to develop their specifically tailored cams site.”

The CamsPower black label solution seeks to give affiliates complete control over a site’s design so that they can create a unique live cam experience for their users, while still benefitting from database level tracking at the domain level.

Account reps are available to help affiliates create their own branded cam site.

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