Joanna Angel, DJ Jess Marquis Seeking Fans' ‘O Faces' for Music Video

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Adult performer, director and budding musician Joanna Angel recently collaborated with New York DJ Jess Marquis on a soon-to-be-released electro dance single, “O Face.”

While she has shot the music video as well, it isn’t complete — and this is where Angel hopes her fans can join in, by sending her and Marquis their “O faces.”

Would-be music video stars (that are 18 and over) can email a photo or of their best “O face” (no nudity, please) to or hashtag #ofacevideo on Instagram for a chance to have their expressive faces included in the video.

"Over the years DJ Jess and I have thrown so many parties together, bringing BurningAngel girls and fans together for so many memorable nights of debauchery,” Angel said. “We wanted to include everyone in this fun, catchy, dance hit that we collaborated on and wrote together." 

Need a bit more incentive? Joanna Angel is going to personally see every single “O face” and give her favorite “O face” a Fleshlight.

Angel, who made a name for herself as the face of alt-porn with her company BurningAngel Entertainment, branched into music this past year. Fronting her band Joanna Angel & the Gigolos, she released two songs and music videos, “Gimme Some Pants and “Fish Food.” 

DJ Jess Marquis is the resident DJ at NYC’s Webster Hall, an electro house music producer and good friend of Angel’s, and their love of fun, catchy dance tracks inspired the upbeat vibe of “O Face.” 

“Jess gets me and my humor, and ‘O Face’ comes from one of my favorite movies, ‘Office Space’," said Angel, “So we had way too much fun producing the song, and I think just want to keep that good time going into the video.” 

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