CB-X Male Chastity Sponsors Alastair Galpin's 100th World Record Attempt

LAS VEGAS — CB-X Male Chastity has backed repeat World Record breaker Alastair Galpin's latest attempt at the "furthest surface journey in a male chastity device."

This will be the 100th World Record attempt for Galpin, who is the second biggest Guinness World Records breaker of the decade (2000-2009).

After considering various ideas, he decided to travel throughout Borneo, the third largest island in the world, while wearing a CB-X Male Chastity device.

"As one of the most prolific World Record breakers, I wanted to try something extraordinary for my 100th record attempt," Galpin explained. "I became interested in the possibilities of male chastity and whether I would be able to contain myself for a long period of time, and thanks to the support and assurance from CB-X, I decided to base my record attempt on using their product whilst on a long-distance journey around Borneo."

Prior to this journey, Galpin had never worn or even seen a male chastity device. He is currently hitchhiking around the island facing heavy rain, and using printed sheets of translated information to get him between pre-mapped check points.

Galpin's route will take him from Bali across the Java Sea to the southern Bornean city of Banjarmasin. Then he will head to Malaysia, northeast into Brunei, and back south again to the east coast of Borneo. Once in the far southeast portion of the island he will take a ferry across to South Sulawesi, where the key to his “freedom” will be awaiting him.

"We're excited to see if he makes it through the entire journey that he's planned," said Nikki Yates, corporate director of CB-X Male Chastity. "He's currently in the middle of his trip so we're unable to reach him, but with the tenacity we've seen in him, we're pretty sure he's going to make it. Our male chastity devices are made with the long-term and traveling wearer in mind. If there was ever going to be a male chastity belt that's right for this sort of adventure, it's a CB-X device."

For more information, or to follow updates of Galpin's travels, visit WorldRecordChase.com. He will be detaling his adventures around Borneo on his blog, WorldRecordChaseBlog.com.