Playboy Ranked in Top 5 of Magazine Industry Social Media Report

NEW YORK — Playboy magazine ranked number three in social media effectiveness in a magazine industry report on top performing brands.

The iconic publication only trailed behind National Geographic and Time in the number one and two spots respectively in the first Magazine Media 360 Social Media Report, released by MPA — The Association of Magazine Media, which revealed the social media performance of 166 magazine media brands.

Playboy showed impressively with nearly 19,000 combined likes and followers in the analysis that took into account social media followings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest networks.

The inaugural report incorporated August, September and October data from 32 companies, measuring the  social media interaction through Oct. 31 and reported changes in the aggregate and by network, compared to the previous months for Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, Google+ followers, Instagram followers and Pinterest followers.

Magazine Media said the data show significant month-to-month growth in page likes/followers on these networks. The report also found that the percentage of the number of page likes/followers for magazine media brands on Instagram is growing at several times the rate of other networks.

Fashion/beauty and travel magazine brands significantly outpaced other brand categories, and followers of women’s magazine brands on Pinterest were double those of men’s magazine brands.

Though magazine media activity is growing across all five social media platforms measured, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ continue to dominate in shares of total page likes/followers, according to the report.

“In the Wild West of digital and social media metrics, we are all trying to get our arms around ‘how much’ and ‘how effective.’ While there is still no broad agreement on what actually matters in social media, insights gleaned from this report can be valuable in gauging the efficiency of our strategies and investments in reaching our audience and clearly demonstrate that magazine media consumers are enthusiastically interacting with their brands on social platforms,” said Mary G. Berner, president and CEO of MPA.

Jim Anderson, CEO of SocialFlow noted that magazine brands continue to be among the leading providers of quality content on social networks.